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Mini-ZOO is located on the territory of 'Dwór Kresowy' and occupies the area of 7 ga. It is inhabited with elks, reindeers, goats, rams, and fallow deer. Fallow deer arrived from the Asia Minor. They eat herbs, young branches of trees and bushes, moss and cladinas. At that they are more enduring compared to deer. They communicate with each other by means of body language, sounds and smells. But all of this is only the very beginning. In next several weeks we are waiting for arrival of elks, bizons, peacocks, ostriches. We even have an idea to buy a lion! But there are our plans for future. All our animals will be cared of by professionals.

Attending our zoo will be available for everybody, and each person could stop at our hotel to look at the animals. Certainly we will fill our ZOO step by step, because each of its inhabitants has its individual requirements.

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tel.: +48 532 400 100, hotel: +48 16 62 36 000

37-550, Radymno, ul. Słowackiego 36.

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